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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray


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A premium, extra virgin olive oil specially packaged for spray application.

World renowned KALAMATA PDO (protected designation of origin) product created from unripe green Koronaiki olives.  Oil is cold extracted within 24 hours of picking.

The chemical makeup and taste characteristics are preserved and fully protected from air and UV light by a food grade bladder within the custom tin container.    

This well balanced, multi purpose olive oil is meant to be enjoyed delicately.

The Multi function tin spray decanter offers options of mist, single direct spray and droplet application for the most precise recipe enhancement.

A light coat creates effective anti stick frying surfaces, and helps control calorie intake.

1 second spray is just 12 calories, 3 seconds equals a teaspoon..

Olive variety Monovarietal premium olive oil from Koroneiki variety olives grown and processed in the Messenia region GREECE in accordance to EU Official Journal C186 26.06.2012.

Location Latitude: 37° 00' 0.00" N
Longitude: 22° 14' 60.00" E

Color Green to golden green, characteristic of Koroneiki variety olive oil.

Aroma Medium fruitiness with aromas of green fruit, light bitterness and light
to medium pungency. Contains varietal notes of green banana, artichoke, freshly cut grass, tomatoes and dried nuts.

Acidity Lower than 0.5% (<0.5%).

Polyphenol content High polyphenol content above 250mg/Kg when bottled, characteristic of Messenia Region Koroneiki variety.

Use Ideal for every application, frying, cooking, over grilled fish, white and red meat, pasta and vegetables, sauce and salad dressing. Chefs every day general delicious and healthy preference because it brings out the natural flavor of every ingredient.
Easy to use, three function compressed air spray function
i. Mist function when an even fine spray of EVOO is required
ii. Single spray function for direct application of higher quantities
iii. Droplet function for precision adding allows controlled
adding of a single drop of EVOO on demanding culinary

Applications vary from directly spraying on frying pans, and kitchen utensils where fine particle spray acts as an anti-stick agent, mist spray on salads, pizza, and applications, adding a droplet of EVOO on a specific spot.
Calibrated spray for calory and volume control:
- 1 sec spray is only 12 calories
- 3 sec spray is 1 teaspoon of EVOO.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray